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Burlap Table Runners

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Our Burlap table runners are used by resorts professional party rental companies, Banqut Halls and brides throughout the country. Both our Jute Burlap and Designer Burlap table runners are sewn along the edges with a strong serge stitch or for a more rustic look we offer the Jute Burlap table runners with fringe. Also option to have square ends or pointed ends on the table runners.

Designer Burlap - NEW

Designer Faux burlap table runners in the natural burlap color beautifully accents practically any tablecloth fabric or use the white Burlap table runners over burlap tablecloths! Our Designer Burlap is the well known, best Designer Faux Burlap called the Havana Faux Burlap. The best quality, 100% Polyester with a completely natural burlap appearance and even more of a stylish look and finish.

Natural Burlap.

 Jute burlap table runners. Until recently burlap had a country, rustic appeal that works beautifully in vintage tablescapes. Today the burlap trend is not just for vintage but weddings and any elaborate or elegant setting.
Burlap table runners are inexpensive and what they add to any decor is unique and priceless.