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Burlap Table Runners

50% Off all Burlap table runners and 10% off all Faux Burlap table runners through May 31st. No coupon code required.

Table Runners make an excellent accent item for any table dressing or display. Burlap table runners are used by resorts professional party rental companies, Banquet Halls and brides throughout the country. Both our Burlap and Havana Faux Burlap table runners are sewn along the edges with a strong serge stitch or for a more rustic look we offer the Burlap table runners with fringe. Each runner also has an option to have square ends or pointed ends. To view the table runner selections click the menu on the left side of your screen.

Havana Faux Table Runner.

Havana Faux burlap table runners in the natural burlap color beautifully accent practically any tablecloth fabric or use the white Burlap table runners over burlap tablecloths! Our Burlap is the well known, best Designer Faux Burlap called the Havana Faux Burlap. The best quality, 100% Polyester with a completely natural burlap appearance and even more of a stylish look and finish. Click here or on menu to view products

Faux Burlap "Havana" with our Havana faux Burlap you have all the advantages of the Polyester material with regards to washing and caring for your Table Runners. Bearing in mind that our Havana faux Burlap is manufactured by us from the same poly poplin material used for our Poly Premier Table Linens. Thus meaning that it is FULLY machine washable, just knock off any debris, place in a cold to cool wash. Ensure you have no bleach or other bleaching detergents in your fabric cleaner, wash cool tumble dry low and fold or roll when finished. Click here or on the menu to view products.

Natural Burlap Table Runner.

Jute burlap table runners. Until recently burlap had a country, rustic appeal that works beautifully in vintage tablescapes. Today the burlap trend is not just for vintage but weddings and any elaborate or elegant setting. Burlap table runners are inexpensive and what they add to any decor is unique and priceless. 
Natural Burlap or Jute as it is sometimes referred to is a natural plant material that is woven into the burlap strands and then manufactured into the bolted fabric. However due to the process within which Burlap is created it is for this reason that it cannot be laundered in the traditional manner. Putting Burlap into your washing machine or even allowing it to get too wet will cause the Burlap to unravel and return to its natural state and will make a real mess in your washing machine.

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