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Burlap Tablecloth

Designer Burlap Tablecloths and overlays - NEW

Excellent quality and the only true machine washable and durable Burlap linen in the textile industry. 100% Polyester with a completely authentic Burlap appearance and even more of a stylish look and finish. Soft to the touch with no natural imperfections which are found in the Jute Burlap. Made from 58" wide fabric.  Wider Designer Burlap table linens and overlays are elegantly seamed. Our Designer Burlap is the Havana Designer Burlap collection, the best Faux Burlap everyone is talking about!

Natural Jute Burlap Tablecloths and overlays

Jute is a vegetable fiber spun into coarse, strong threads—part textile, part wood. This natural woven fabric is very rustic, casual, elegant and charming. We use only the best quality Jute Burlap in the industry. Used as an overlay or tablecloth, burlap was at one time primarily used for Country & Western settings. Burlap was a very hot trend in 2013 as it will continue to be in 2014. Very popular for weddings, special events and home decor. Made from 60" wide fabric. Wider burlap tablecloths are elegantly seamed.

We are the Premier leader in Jute Burlap products and the Havana Faux Burlap collection and received the prestigious 2013 Bride's Choice Award presented to only the top, best 5% wedding professionals in the industry.

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