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About Premier Burlap Boutique

My name is Tony Cueto, President of Premier Table Linens and this sister company dedicated to fine Burlap, Premier Burlap Boutique. I am a Cuban American that is very fortunate my parents left Cuba when Castro came to power. I founded Premier Table Linens 8 years ago and take great pride in the reputation our company has established in the industry selling over 22 lines of table line fabrics. Of all the fabrics, my personal favorite is Burlap. I have loved Burlap long before the Burlap craze began. In 2005, I helped my mother organize a reunion in Key Biscayne, Florida for her side of their family. I will never forget the expression on the banquet hall director’s face when my mother insisted that the table linens were to be Burlap, Filled with traditional foods, the retelling of long forgotten stories and the beautiful Burlap linens, the reunion was truly memorable. The town’s mayor presented our family with a proclamation that hangs in my office. From that day on Burlap became my favorite fabric and after many years of sourcing the best refined Jute Burlap and hiring a staff trained to perfect the Burlap products we manufacture, I opened this company, Premier Burlap Boutique which exclusively sells the finest Jute Burlap and the Faux (synthetic) Havana Designer Burlap.

Why Choose Premier Burlap Boutique?
Now with the popularity of Burlap, everyone is jumping into the market and claiming to be an expert in Burlap. From variety stores to plastic clip companies, the Internet is now full of companies looking to make the quick buck on the hot trend. Many if not most are resellers and the consistency and quality of their Burlap will vary greatly, depending on what bolt of fabric their supplier gets at the time for the lowest price. Our Jute Burlap is a 12oz fabric, the heaviest weight in the industry which results is very tight weave and visible superior quality to other Burlap products on the market.

Many resellers, because they are just that, can only offer a very limited selection of Burlap products.
Compare for yourself. We sell Burlap tablecloths, Burlap overlays, Burlap table runners, Burlap isle runners, Burlap table toppers, Burlap fitted tablecloths, Burlap center pieces, Burlap chair covers, Burlap sashes, Burlap coasters, Burlap napkins, Burlap drapes, Burlap gift bags, Burlap tote bags and many custom printed Burlap products. Also for DYI projects, Burlap fabric, Burlap garland, Burlap twine and Burlap ribbon in many colors. Our Jute Burlap finished products are available in natural Jute or cream white Jute and all Burlap Jute table linens, overlays, table runners and napkins are also available with a Merrow-stitch finish or a beautiful Jute fringe finish for an even more rustic and chic look. Our Jute Burlap is available in natural or cream white and our Faux Burlap is available in natural, cream white.

Customer service and satisfaction is our # 1 goal.
Our belief was simple when we started and it is still our main philosophy. "Treat and educate our customers the way that we would want to be treated." We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction (see our BBB rating and reviews) and educating our consumers on the products we sell is very important.

Live customer service For this reason Our customer support offers professional assistance that will cater to your every need and answer any questions you may have. We are available during business hours by phone (800) 937-1159, Live Chat (simply click the Live Chat button on the right side of any page) or email us to answer your questions. Use any of the three methods to contact our friendly staff. We are open 8:30AM - 5:30PM EST Monday - Friday. We're a business that truly cares about making a lasting impression while building friendships with our customers. If your question is of an urgent matter after business hours, you may personally contact me on my cell phone (305) 766-3027.

We ship fast!
Many Burlap linen companies and resellers take 2 - 7 business days to be ready to ship. We have all products listed on our website in stock in large quantities and ship within 24 hours, not days or week.

100% Satisfaction guarantee, 110% best price match guarantee.
We are so certain you will be very pleased with our Burlap products that we offer a 100% unconditional money back guarantee on any stock Burlap products. We are also so confident that we have the best Burlap prices that we offer a 110% best price match guarantee valid for 14 days after you purchase from us on any comparable Burlap product of the same quality.


Tony Cueto

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